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You must protect your business Train  your food handlers today

CIEH Level 2 Award in

Food Safety in Catering

or “Don’t kill the customers!”

Introductory qualification, incorporating fundamental food hygiene knowledge for all food handlers.  Successful completion of a 30 multiple-choice examination achieves a CIEH Certificate qualification.

Topics include:

  • Food safety hazards,

  • Cooking, hot holding & reheating

  • Refrigeration, chilling & cold holding,

  • Temperature control,

  • Food handling

  • Principles of safe storage

  • Premises & equipment

  • Cleaning

  • Legislation (& HACCP).

Courses scheduled to suit your needs

  • One day courses

  • Any time of the day or night

  • Split day course:

    Two four hour sessions or

    Three three hour sessions.

  • On-site or off-site options

Food safety is a major issue for all food businesses.  The number of food poisonings continues to rise, creating public health problems, major socio-economic costs and business risk for proprietors.  Training is a vital tool that ensures your staff understand how to handle food and reduce food safety risk in your business.

 Australian Food Microbiology (AFM) is an Australian, independent, professional science organisation, dedicated to serving the Australian food industry.  We are offering globally recognised Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) qualifications in Australia.

Foundered in 1883, CIEH is the world’s leading awarding body for food safety qualifications.  Over 5 million candidates from 60 countries worldwide have chosen a CIEH qualification to date.  AFM’s experienced and professional food scientists are able to provide you with practical experience examples, expert advice and support for applying and managing food safety in your business.  Course presenters have over 20 years experience delivering food safety training and outcomes to the food industry.


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Registration Fee

$143.00* per person

$1,320* for group on-site course

Discount for FOODCHECK® participants

$99.00* per person * including GST

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