Privacy Policy

Respecting your Privacy

Australian Food Microbiology (AFM) is committed to supporting the National Privacy Principles for the fair handling of personal information, which set clear standards for the collection, use, disclosure, storage of and access to personal information collected during the course of business operations.

Our respect for your rights to the privacy of your personal information is paramount.  We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

This Privacy Policy sets out:

What personal information do we collect and store?

Is your personal information secure?

How do we use the personal information?

We use the personal information we hold to carry out our business which includes:

To whom do we disclose the personal information?

What happens if you do not want to disclose personal information?

How can you access your personal information?

How to contact us

Australian Food Microbiology

PO Box 246


For more information about privacy law and the National Privacy Principles, visit the website of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at