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Australian Food Microbiology is a wholly Australian owned, independent, professional science organisation, dedicated to serving the Australian retail food industry.  Our experienced and professional food scientists are able to provide you with expert advice on managing food safety in your business.

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Australian Food Microbiology Craig Andrew-Kabilafkas**
ABN: 58 167 737 472 BSc MBA  FAIFST  MASM   MAIEH
PO Box 246 Tel: 02 9634 4116
Round Corner NSW 2158 Fax: 02 9634 4064

Australian Food Microbiology:

Professional Memberships

** An active member of the following professional associations:

·         Restaurant and Caterers Association

·         Australian Society for Microbiology

·         Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

·         Australian Institute of Environmental Health

·         Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, UK

·         RABQSA