FOODCHECK® Benefits Consumers

When you eat out, how confident are you that the food you are being served has been prepared with the your health in mind?  Food retailers who choose to participate in FOODCHECK® are committed to producing and selling food that is safe to eat.  These retailers are confident that their commitment to food safety will withstand the FOODCHECK® challenge at any time of day or night and on any day of the week, any week of the year. 

Participants in FOODCHECK® are willing to have their food tested and their premises hygiene audited, by a fully independent Australian scientific organisation. 

The retailer is not told when their food will be sampled.  They are not forewarned that their food preparation areas will be hygiene audited.  They must be ready all the time, just as you would hope when you place your food order.

If  FOODCHECK® detects a problem, the owner must quickly fix the problem and a follow-up FOODCHECK® is scheduled to prove that action has been effective. 

FOODCHECK® gives confidence that your food retailer is always food safety and food quality conscious.