FOODCHECK® is a Food Safety Monitoring Program for Food Retailers.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has calculated that "every day 11,500 Australians succumb to food borne illness".

How do consumers know that a food retailer is committed to providing safe food? Independent food analysis?, combined with hygiene audits, demonstrate commitment to food safety and food quality.

FOODCHECK® provides food retailers with an independent, reliable and economical answer to the food safety concerns of the Australian food consumer. 

The FOODCHECK® program includes microbiological analysis of food for the four major bacterial food pathogens, Listeria spp, Salmonella spp, Campylobacter spp and Escherichia coli. Food is sampled on four separate occasions throughout the year.  Hygiene audits of the food preparation and serving area of the premises are made on two separate occasions throughout the year.

The FOODCHECK® program is co-coordinated by Australian Food Microbiology’s experienced food scientists with over 20 years practical experience in the food industry.  Australian Food Microbiology staff sample your food and conduct the hygiene audits.

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